June 2018

Here is the treasurers summary for June 2018

Total cash on hand Current Account £930.28 Total monies in savings : Savings: £2027.63

Total Income £1731.14 = Total Expenses = £1255.44

Total subscribing members = 79 - No movement from Mays Finance Meeting. Avg member subs = £15.13 - down from 15.29 at Mays Finance Meeting.

Official Months Until Doom for May 2018 = 10 - should be 12, but tuck shop spend has not been realised on books, so I have included it into MUD.

Months till doom factors - We are eliminating the monthly loss, so MUD is increasing, which is good. When we clear deficit for the rolling year, MUD will be infinity.

Last months ancillary costs = Tuck shop 106.10.

Tuck Shop Details - 105 Taken from space in May.

Upcoming costs - Insurance will be due in august, circa £400

Accounting provision for future predicted costs - This cannot be done yet, as we are in deficit. Once we are back in the black (More members is the only way to do this, we cannot get rent down, but I shall fight any further increases)

MrLaser Cash Income - £50 - This has been added to ring fenced funds, which now total £1950 for Alan and MrLaser

Treasurer has agreed to report electric usage in space for June Meetings.

Treasurer has committed to improve member reporting, and enable emails to members who have not paid.

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