July 2018

Total cash on hand Current Account £1135.2 (at July 2nd) Total monies in savings : Savings: £2027.63

Total Income £1192.85 = Total Expenses = £1274.61

Total subscribing members = 77 - A drop of 3 from Junes meeting Finance Meeting. Avg member subs = £13.73 - down from 15.29 at Junes Finance Meeting. We shall start emailing members who miss payments, try and get them engaged again, member loss is our current number one risk.

Official Months Until Doom for July 2018 = 17

Last months ancillary costs = None.

Tuck Shop Details - 135 Taken from space in June.

Upcoming costs - Insurance will be due in august, circa £400

Accounting provision for future predicted costs - This cannot be done yet, as we are in deficit. Once we are back in the black (More members is the only way to do this, we cannot get rent down, but I shall fight any further increases)

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