So Make It History

This is a list of significant events in So Make It's history starting with its formation by the SoutHACKton group.

Work in progress! Please help to add events.


31st Janurary 2013 Plans for “So Make It” makerspace announced at the SoutHACKton meeting and feedback was gained to aid in its formation.

22nd April 2013 Our blog is created for official announcements and for members to post their projects etc.

7th May 2013 SHH's Alan Wood comes to So Make It to run a workshop on SMD soldering for members

13th August We hold our first general meeting and discuss the crowdsourcing campaign and growth plans to enable us to get our own space

RideRide Cycle workshop offered us a corner of their warehouse, and a physical space was obtained. We had a 3D printer, a small metal lathe, some soldering gear and hand tools. It was small, it was cold and it was cramped, but it was ours!


January 2014 We bite the bullet and sign a lease for our very own space, with 600 sqft on two floors, unit K6 on Liner's Industrial Estate is our first proper home.

31st May 2014 Our Dalek project gets published on Hackaday

14th June 2014 "Alan the Daleks" first outing and our stand at Totton Family Fun Day

July 2014 We attended #HackSoton4 a local free open hacking event, where among other things, we ran two soldering workshops

details needed!
Makerfaire Brighton

29th Dec 2014 We upgrade to Unit F, on Liner's Industrial Estate, giving us 1250 sqft of space over one floor, and much better disabled access


May Laser cutter bought for the space!

Aug/Sept Draper donates a large extractor, laser cutter installation is completed, and user training begins.

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