Are we a hackspace? a hackerspace? What about a Makerspace or fablab? What's the difference anyway? It's all a bit confusing. The bottom line is, they're all pretty much the same thing, just with different labels. We refer to ourselves here as a Makerspace, simply to distance ourselves from the negative connotations associated with 'hacker' or 'hacking' thanks to the media's lack of understanding.

Hackspaces, Makerspaces or whatever you want to call them are simply this: A group of people coming together to share ideas, knowledge, effort, tools and resources. There may be a physical space, or it may just be a pub meet. Things start small, and build up from there. Hackerspaces aren't made - they are grown, organically, as people dive in, offer resources and funds and interest grows.


Fablabs are a little different, and tend to be commercially driven, and are more tools and services orientated. We exist in parallel serving different needs.


The term 'hack' or 'hacking' is an old one, but I like to use the phrase 'hacker as in the MIT sense' meaning someone who modifies or combines things in sometimes an unorthodox manner to do something new, quick and nasty or just fun. It has nothing at all to do with 'cracking' breaking into computers or closed systems, stealing or anything else illegal!

Glad we've cleared that up.

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