CubePro Duo Rebuild

CubePro Duo Rebuild
Assimilate the CubePro Duo with standard 3d Printer control hardware and software, with the end goal of having a usable dual (Tri?) head printer that's capable of printing ABS.
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We have a CubePro Duo printer that sort of works, but it's quality is sub-par to what you would expect from even the cheapest printers today, it's also full of non-hackable proprietary stuff. The Goal is to swap out the components with commonly available 3D printer parts, and get it working again.


1 - Stripped the printer down to the bare bones, identified the power supply voltage (24v) and searched for an alternative controller to use.

2 - Aquired a Rumba controller, 6 drivers are ideal for us, as we intend to have the 3rd extruder working at some point in the future.

3 - After a lot of googling, we found a few posts from people that have also worked on freeing their printer from the proprietary controller, with success. We loaded Marlin firmware onto the Rumba and tweeked some setings to get the steppers moving. There is an issue with them however, we suspect current draw. Have found some better suited drivers, 8825's and will try these.

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