Bike Kitchen Risk Assessment

This document is a qualitative health and safety risk assessment based on the Risk Assessment Template.

You will be filling this in with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and a Risk Assessment Expert, these may be the same person or two people. The table on the right can be used to evaluate each Hazard, we'd like everything to be low (L), but it's fine to have a Medium (M) in there from time to time if nothing sensible can be done to reduce the risk further, risk assessments are not meant to stop you doing a thing. But please, a High (H) means you really shouldn't do it in the space.

Risk Evaluation Guide Low Severity Medium Severity High Severity
Low Likelihood L L M
Medium Likelihood L M H
High Likelihood M H H


Bike Kitchen is an open to the public workshop held in the space for bicycle maintenance & education.

Subject Matter Expert Andy Dimarco
Risk Assessment Expert Bracken (talk)
Date Last Updated 2016-06-28
Review Date* 2016-07-28

*All risk assessments should be reviewed.


Hazard to health and/or safety present Possible risk to persons & public Precautions already taken Risk Level (Severity x Likelihood). Action Required, by whom and when?
Bicycles in space. Someone could get run over. No testing indoors, ride bikes outside in the cark park. L Event host to remind participants of this policy.
Bikes on work stands. Bikes may fall off/over on someone. Ensure bikes are secure. L Host to ensure people using stands are trained in correct use.
Collapsing tables will be moved at beginning & end of event. Trapped fingers.

Lifting injuries.

None L Bracken to make sure hosts know how to fold the tables at the start of the event.

People moving tables to follow correct, well know lifting technique at all times.

Use of mineral oils / other lubricants / degreasers etc Reactions to substances None L Event host to provide latex gloves.
Contact with Latex gloves Reaction to gloves. None L Event host to make users aware gloves are latex and reaction possible.
Use of bike workshop. No naked flames.

Keep workshop tidy to avoid trip hazards.

L None
Working on Bikes. grazes, cuts, lacerations, trapped fingers, eye injuries, dermatological problems, musculoskeletal strains Ensure competence or supervision of maintainer.

Ensure that tools are kept in good condition

The correct tools should be used for the job in hand

Consider covering chain ring with a cloth when working close to this mechanism

Provide and use non-latex gloves when using hazardous materials

Wash hands before smoking or eating

Look up MSDS for individual brands of chain oil before event

L None


The events so far have gone well and without issues. We will look again next year. Bracken (talk) 13:02, 28 June 2016 (BST)

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