April 2018

Here is the treasurers summary for April 2018

Total cash on hand Current Account £1519 (at March 20) - £759 Movement upto March 31st = £760

Total monies in savings : Savings: £2027.63

Total held monies = £2787.63

Total Income £1544.69

Total Expenses = £1311.11

Total subscribing members = 78

Avg member subs = £15.11

New Months Till Doom Formula = Total income over last 12 months (£15365.66) / 12 (£1280.47) - Total mandatory expenses over last 12 months(£16775.69) / 12 (£1397.97) = 12 Month Rolling Monthly Deficit (£117.50). Total held cash (£2787.63) - Total ring fenced funds (1900) = Total money to run space (887.63) / Month Rolling Monthly Deficit = Months Until Doom.

New Months Till Doom Figure, and reasons for any changes from last month = 23 BUT! There are no ring fenced funds, only savings. We need a provision to rebuild those funds. I cannot make a provision until we eliminate the monthly deficit. Last month, and the month before, the months until doom figure was based on that months movements. If we add in the ring fenced funds (£1500 for laser (Accurate as of may 2017, I still have to calculate current amount)) then months until doom is 11, and if we include the £400 that i have heard, but not seen for Alan, then months until doom drops to 7. This is the number I am putting on the board. I want every one focused on that number.

Official Months Until Doom for April 2018 = 7.

Last months ancillary costs = None - we did not spend any money on tools, tuck shop, or for any other purpose.

Ring fenced balances - £1500 for laser, £400 for Alan. Both of these figures are subject to change as accounts are completed. The Mr Laser fund is accurate at May 2017, and Alan fund is based on information available to me at the time. I have already had confirmation of expenses for Alan, which will be deducted, and when laser sheet walk through is complete (In time for AGM on April 29th) The laser fund will be updated to reflect to correct balance.

Tuck Shop Details - 68 Taken from space, which I shall attribute to march. Previously we have averaged 100 a month income from tuck shop, so this is in line with expectations based the quieter space we have had due to weather.

Upcoming costs - CS01 needs filing this month, which will be £13, and insurance will be due in august, circa £400

Upcoming deadlines CS01 - confirmation statement, I (Rob Cowe) shall take care of it.

Accounting provision for future predicted costs - This cannot be done yet, as we are in deficit. Once we are back in the black (More members is the only way to do this, we cannot get rent down, but I shall fight any further increases). Once we are not in deficit, I plan to add a monthly provision for tool upkeep (We need blades and other consumables for equipment) and a provision of general maintenance.

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