Self-contained experiment in aeroponics
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“The process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium” —Wikipedia


If any problems with the setup in the space, simply turn off the socket at the wall (the one with the timer plugged in it). Contact Andrew/Xanadu


Beta version

Eventually bought a bigger pump, as the custom printed part for the smaller pump didn't help.

Bought a 1m cut of clear PVC to keep everything in.

3D printed and acetone welded together bits for a ‘scaffolding’ to sit on top.

Taken two cuttings from a chrysanthemum, which are sitting in two of the net pots with expanded clay pellets.

Have no idea if this will work, but will be interesting to see.


3D printed a custom part to directly connect my pump (with an odd 10mm outlet) to a 1/2" pipe connector to fit my sprinkler. Still having issues with a lack of pressure.

Looking into buying a better quality sprinkler head, and/or a bigger pump.


Paint it black

Bucket and lid spray-painted black. Apparently, if the bucket lets light in, this prevents root growth.


Holes drilled, net pots fitted

Finally got around to marking and drilling out holes in the lid, and fitting the net pots.


Have bucket, net pots, big pump, small pump, spray heads, two types of tubing, hose connectors.

Have decided it would be great to put a PiCam inside the bucket, to create a timelapse of root growth. Plus, this is a unique use of a Pi and PiCam, to my knowledge (No, it turns out it isn't [quite])

Want to document the whole process and experiment on video—make a video for the SMI YouTube page?


Ordered food safe bucket, net pots, pump, spray heads.

Considering growing a chilli plant(s).

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