3D Printer - Chris's Prusa i2 Derivative


This RepRap is based on the Ecksbot design (based on the Prusa i2) on long term loan by Chris3DSmith to the makerspace for everybody to learn and experience 3D printing. The machine was completed and commissioned by So RepRap members and be available for all makerspace members to use with training. It will print PLA and ABS and with special care other materials such as Nylon.

An accurate bill of materials (BOM) will be created to monitor exactly what has been used to build the printer. The Marlin configuration should be available here. Eventually all design and configuration information will be put on the git repo here including any additions or modifications to the design. Slic3r settings are available here.

Mark Hindess has kindly be donated 2.3kg spool of 3mm PLA for use with the printer. (as well as numerous small parts) Chris Smith has donated a large spool of 3mm white ABS and 3mm blue ABS. Bracken has donated numerous parts including all plastic parts for the x carriage and extruder.

Bill of materials is available to view here Blog of build is available here www.3dsmith.co.uk

Current Status

Currently out of the space undergoing maintenance

How to Use


The printer is currently being run using the PC Luigi. You will need to turn this on as well as connecting the printer up to the PSU unit on the bench behind it.

For printing ABS keep the extruder fan off (switch on fan cable) and print on ABS Juice mirror tiles.

For PLA print on blue painters tape on mirror tiles and keep the extruder fan on.

Slice on Luigi or load presliced gcode into the "downloads" folder on Luigi. This folder will be periodically purged.

Ensure print bed is level, check x carriage is level and home Z axis before starting a print.

Bed heatup is slow so you may wish to start heating the bed manually before starting a print.

In the event of a bed crash quickly push the Z endstop, stop all printing and recheck bed levels, x carriage levels and endstop location.

Further improvements to consider

  1. Replace current pulleys and belts with GT2 variaty - should bring slight increase to print quality
  2. Mount all electronics onto case
  3. Add bracing to stiffen frames
  4. Write manual (basic how to guide)
  5. Print spare parts
  6. Print calibration parts

Print Queue

The print queue has been moved to the 3D Printing group page; 3D Printing#Print Queue

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